Saturday 21 September 2013

Bleach Blood - H.O.P.E

Released July 10th 2013

Every once in a while a band will come along who defy genres, I'm not saying that as a band Bleach Blood are a multi Genre collision within the sound of each track, what I am saying is their music differs from track to track making them hugely exciting to follow. When listening back to their previous releases you’ll hear a band trying to find their style, from the upbeat punk sound heard on their debut EP “The Young Heartbreakers Club EP” which in itself is a bit of a mixed bunch, tracks like ‘I Was Born In A Rave’ and ‘Let Your Heart Sing’ taking a heavier sound while ‘Bleached Blood’ takes on a more visceral and dramatic tone throughout. The band followed up this release with their single ‘Anything Anything’ which took a more pop and indie sound while holding some of the heavier undertones you’ve heard on the EP; now, to take you back to the actual review of ‘H.O.P.E’ and make everything I've just wrote a lot more relevant, they've changed their game again.

To say it’s a complete removal from everything they've done thus far is a totally ludicrous statement to make; you can draw huge comparisons to ‘Bleached Blood’ when hearing the deep and meaningful lyricism Jamie shows throughout, the emotional investment you hear in the delivery of every verse. In essence the song revolves around the idea of looking back on things that are broken in life and seeing how you’ve essentially lost, whether the memories are of relationships lost or mistakes made you’ve got to maintain your dignity, realize the problems can be solved and as the title suggests have hope for what the future has in store. Obviously loosely based on the last couple of years of lead singer Jamie Jazz’s life the song is impressively atmospheric and emotive helping to bring the listener into the thought pattern he has experiences and reassure them that things do get better.

"We've got hope in our hearts"

The emotive and atmospheric sound of the track show a band made of people who genuinely love what they’re doing and does nothing but add to the anticipation for the band’s debut album release; you can hear influences from a wide variety of different acts, the sound can’t really be defined as there’s no one doing anything similar out there at the moment, there’ clear influences of 70’s and 80’s punk and rock while you can hear the pop influences in the lyrics, working together to make something so individual it’s sure to be the start of a long and successful career of a band who clearly work extremely hard.

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